Privacy Policy

1. The owner of the register 

Rekryhaku Finland Oy
Antinkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki 

2. Contact person regarding the register 

Henrik Haukanhovi
Antinkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki 

3. The name of the register 

The usage register for the contact form of Rekryhaku Finland Oy website 

4. The purpose of handling personal information 

The personal information is saved so that the messages received through the contact from can be answered and senders can be contacted. 

5. The register’s information 

The user can report the following personal information: Name Email Phone number Other information Additionally, we will save the time and date of when the form was sent. 

6. Regular information sources 

The information in the register is only received from the users themselves through the internet form. 

7. Regular releases 

The register information can be shared within Rekryhaku Finland Oy and with subcontractors of Rekryhaku Oy. 

8. Release of information outside the EU or ETA 

No personal information will be transferred or released outside the EU or ETA. 

9. The protection of the register 

Only the register holder and specifically appointed people can access the register. Only named persons can handle and maintain the register information. The users are bound by professional secrecy. The network and IT devices where the register is located are protected by a firewall and other technical measures. The IT devices are located in a locked and supervised space. 

10. Review rights 

In general, everyone has the right to review the information that concerns them. The review must be requested in paper with a written signature, or personally at the register holder’s place. The request is directed at the maintainer of the register. The review request is free of charge maximum once a year (12 months). 

11. The right to request information correction 

Everyone has the right to request for incorrect information to be corrected. The request should be written and personified: it must include the name and the incorrect information as well as the corrected information. The request is directed at the maintainer of the register. 

12. Cookies 

This page utilized cookies. Cookies are information that describes the usage of internet services. They are saved, for example, on the computer of the user and they can be used to steer the internet browser and server communication. If the user wants, they can block cookies by modifying the settings of their browser. 

13. Gathering statistics about the usage of the page 

Log files and cookies allow for statistics gathering of the web page usage. The personal information of the users will not be linked to these statistics.

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